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Human Resources Services
Whether you have 1 employee or 50, keeping up with the laws and offering a good benefits package is a necessity to running a successful business.  It will not only boost staff morale and make your company competitive, but it can keep you out of legal troubles:  So, TAW will:

Evaluate your company's insurance and benefits packages, including 401(k), 403(b), and profit sharing plans; health insurance, dental, and vision coverage; and disability and life insurance policies.
Make recommendations about offering or changing any of the above benefits or insurance policies and work with the necessary brokers to make sure coverage is implemented or converted as necessary.
Work with a payroll service to set up and streamline your payroll functions and act as liaison with the service.
Keep personnel files and ensure compliance with laws and regulations, including tracking employee time off and ensuring regular performance and compensation reviews are conducted.
Perform basic benefits administration for you regarding your health/dental, disability, life insurance plans and your profit sharing and/or 401k plans.
Help create and/or review your policies and benefits handbooks.