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Office Set-Up and Move Services
Let's face it.  Setting up or moving to a new office is not a lot of fun. It takes an awful lot of time and planning and an incredible amount of organization and coordination with dozens of vendors, contractors, and service providers. Most small companies don't have extra staff with the knowledge, the contacts, the skills, the time, or the desire that it takes to handle everything involved in planning a smooth move.

But it doesn't have to be a bad experience.  Let TAW project manage the entire process for you. This will allow you to keep your business running smoothly and to keep your employees productive doing the things that they are good at, while we do what we specialize in.

We’ll make your office move and set up as non-disruptive as possible by being the one point of contact for all parties involved – from real estate brokers and architects to engineers and contractors – from local phone companies and Internet providers to furniture manufacturers and equipment vendors – from stationery printers and security systems providers to office supply vendors and coffee service companies.

We are the "one-stop shop" for your office move or set-up because we do all of the following:

Work with real estate brokers to locate the perfect new space and negotiate the lease for you.
Coordinate with space planners and architects to help design efficient and functional space that meets your requirements and budget, while getting input from your current staff and management team.
Work with the landlords, building management companies, engineers, and contractors to insure the build-out of your space is completed on time and as designed.
Coordinate with furniture vendors to oversee the layout, specifications, and timely ordering, delivery, and installation of new or used office furniture that meets your needs and budget requirements.
Research, negotiate with, select, and oversee all other vendors involved to insure that equipment, services, and products are delivered, relocated, installed, or continued with no disruption to daily office operations.
This includes:  
Internet service providers Local telephone companies
Long distance service providers Phone and Data cabling vendors
Telephone System providers Network/Computer specialists
Audio Visual companies Cable TV providers
Office Equipment vendors Insurance companies
Moving companies Sign manufacturers
Stationery printers Office cleaning companies
Water cooler and coffee service suppliers Office supply vendors

Inform all staff on the status of, and procedures for packing and moving to keep everybody in the loop and effect the smoothest transition possible.
Hire and work with a professional moving company to insure a non-disruptive move of office contents.
Make sure all lines and equipment are connected and working properly in your new space.
Follow-up with all vendors regarding post-move issues and punch-list items after the move.