"I have to give kudos to you for your efforts in putting the move together and “making it happen.” I have made a lot of moves in my lifetime, both big and small, and I have to say that this was the best organized and best orchestrated of any I have ever been associated with. Well Done!"
-Retired Four-Star Marine Corps General Richard I. Neal, Current President of Audio MPEG

"Frankly, I would rave about TAW's office move services. Not only did Tessa handle all of the items that I knew needed done, she frequently reminded me of things I had not thought of and thereby made our move so much smoother. When handling items she was assigned, she was always professional, communicative, reliable. She was completely on top of things and always pleasant to work with even when we were under a lot of stress."
-Kimberly McArthur, VP of Operations, Free Range Graphics

"Spitfire could not have started or kept going without the services of TAW Consulting. We have more than quadrupled in size, moved into a new space with three weeks notice, and set up an accounting and billing system for more than fifty clients. TAW Consulting was Spitfire's shining light when we were buried under mountains of accounting red tape and operational complexities. Tessa came in and put everything in order, freeing Spitfire up to focus on our core business, providing communications solutions to promote positive social change."
-Kristen Grimm, President, Spitfire Strategies

"TAW's invaluable experience in all matters of office moving, accounting, computers, and operations allows business owners to focus on what they do best -- their own business! "
- Suzanne Turner, President, Turner Strategies

"You are so indispensable and I've never seen an office move happen so smoothly."
- Skip Lockwood, VP/COO, The National Prostate Cancer Coalition

"It is amazing how much you've turned this office around."
- Valerie Holford, Senior VP, Fenton Communications